Thank You (BW SP Bank)

You’re almost there! We have received your account info and now the final piece is to complete the bank transfer.

Please send a screenshot of your successful bank transfer payment to the WIN team member you had your call with and cc on the email. We will hold your space in the program for 24 hours after submitting your account info.

Once we have received confirmation of your payment, you’ll receive an email with all of the details for the program and receipt for payment.

Your first payment is due immediately and we will reach out to you in approximately 30 days time to pay the second installment.

If you have any questions related to billing please contact All other enquiries can be sent to

Please make first payment of 1,250€ (+1,250€ due in 30 days) to:

Women In Negotiation B.V.

Women In Negotiation B.V.
Brinklaan 146
1404 GW, Bussum
The Netherlands

KvK:  78492521 (Dutch Chamber of Commerce

RSIN:  861424165

VAT:  NL861424165B01

Bank Account

Beneficiary:  Women in Negotiation B.V.

IBAN: NL34 ABNA 0880 7779 90


Beneficiary address: Brinklaan 146, 1404 GW Bussum, The Netherlands